Cast Iron Chitoi Pitha Pan 5 in 1 -22cm | ৫-খোপ চিতই পিঠা তাওয়া


Get 5pits Cast Iron Chitoi Pitha Pan.

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Product: 5 in 1 Chitoi Pitha pan

Material: Cast Iron

Size: 8.5 inch / 22cm (approximate)

Height: 5cm

Holes: 5 pits

Brand: Dada Bhai

  • 100% Cast Iron
  • Quality Product
  • 5 in 1 pan
  • Durable

“প্রথমবার ব্যবহারের পূর্বে স্টিলের মাজনি/জালি দিয়ে ভালোভাবে ঘষে পরিষ্কার করে নিন”।

  • This Cookware is Unseasoned. Before its First Use- The traditional way is to seep the raw vessel in water that is used to wash rice (containing starch particles) for 2 days and then treat it with oil so that the oil becomes a coating and makes it rustproof and even non-stick.
  • Cast Iron cookware is not rust-free. In order to avoid this make sure that after washing dry it and apply a thin coat of any oil.
Weight 1.95 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 5 cm


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