Cast Iron Karai 18cm -কাস্টিং লোহার কড়াই


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Product: Cast Iron Karai -কাস্টিং লোহার কড়াই

Size: 18cm

Material: Cast-Iron

Handmade with the finest grade iron and built to last for generations. Being a handmade product, it has a natural finish apart from machine-made cookware like Non-stick.

=> There is a need to scrub it before its first use. Seasoning cast iron cookware yourselves are preferable as the level of seasoning varies from person to person. Hence it can be done as per your requirement with any of the below-mentioned ways-

“প্রথমবার ব্যবহারের পূর্বে স্টিলের মাজনি/জালি দিয়ে ভালোভাবে ঘষে পরিষ্কার করে নিন”।

  • This Cookware is Unseasoned. Before its First Use- The traditional way is to seep the raw vessel in water that is used to wash rice (containing starch particles) for 2 days and then treat it with oil so that the oil becomes a coating and makes it rustproof and even non-stick.
  • Cast Iron cookware is not rust-free. In order to avoid this make sure that after washing dry it and apply a thin coat of any oil.
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