Safe Way Micro Ceramic Filter


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Product: RFL Safe Way Ceramic Strainer

Product Type: Micro Ceramic Filter

Brand: Safe-Way RFL

Material: Ceramic

Measurement: (10x10x10) CM

Color: White (As given in picture)



The ceramic filter is made of highly compressed ceramic diatomaceous substances. It has very tiny porous structure of 0.2-0.5 micron as less than half size of bacteria (0.5-0.1 micron). Only with this filter, you will get clean water free from the rust, dust, sand, silt and bacteria such as cholera, typhoid, coliform etc.


  1. step: Soak the ceramic filter in clean water for 5 minutes.(Don’t use soap/ detergent)
  2. step: Wash out with flowing water.
  3. Step: Fix the rubber gasket and assemble with the top container.
  4. step: Place the nut into the screw and tighten properly.
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